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ASUWA COMPANY(Headquarters)

add: Fukui Prefecture Fukui city major company three chome 6-7
tel:  +81-776-26-3131
fax: +81-776-27-1608
mail: hataoka@hataoka.jp


add: Fukui Prefecture Fukui city Inetu-cho 75-21
tel:  +81-776-41-1211
fax: +81-776-41-1216 

Tokyo office

add: 6-1 royal in Tokyo Chiyoda Ward 1 townfirst town 507
tel:  +81-3-5215-6318

Subway Hanzoumon Line
Hanzomon Station The fifth exit 30 ..on foot.. seconds

I take a rest a little.

A picture of the Milanese DOME vicinity.

Toyosato elementary school

When Mr. Tetsujirou Furukawa who is a graduate (the Itou Chuubee store executive director who hits a record of Itochu and Marubeni) would like to repay localness, the Toyosato elementary school old schoolhouse in Shiga-ken and an auditorium were constructed by a design of William and MERERU VORIZU in 1937 (1937) year by a donated thing.
The sculptures of "rabbit and turtle" given to a handrail in stairs. A wish of VORIZU was included with Tetsujirou Furukawa who makes an effort and wants you to succeed steadily based on Aesop children's story, and it's a very wonderful building.

Flag of the flag of the Rising Sun which catches attention short at a precinct in Sa Kae nosha near Fukui station (The one of the prosperity and, do.)
I said a fireman's standard (wear) and was made aside of the general at a competition, and it was used as the standard flag which indicates a whereabouts of the corps soldier.
An originator of a national flag (flag of the Rising Sun) may be from Fukui.